What causes Booty Acne?

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Booty acne is a pain in the butt! So what causes it and how can you treat it?


What is booty acne?

Acne on the booty is normally similar to face acne and is a result of blocked hair follicles and clogged pores. A buildup of oil trapped within the follicles leads to nasty acne-causing bacteria and red angry spots. But what causes this to happen on your booty?

The top 3 causes of booty acne are:

1. Hot sweaty clothes - That sweat from your workout or summer heat and dry out over your pores blocking them and trapping the oil inside the pores.

2. Tight fitting clothes - the active wear trend has also lead to a bump in butt acne especially if you keep them on after a workout.

3. Sitting on that booty too long - keeping your butt on that seat too long again leads to sweat and clogged pores.

How can you treat and prevent booty acne?

1. Shower after your workouts - this will help remove the sweat and any dirt or bacteria that might block those pores.

2. Apply a clay mask to draws excess oil out of your pores. Our pink clay booty mask will absorb the oil that is clogging up your pores and prevent the appearance of acne. Use 2-3 times per week.

3. Use a natural antibacterial such as coconut oil to treat the acne. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which helps kill the bacteria that cause acne. When you apply coconut oil not only does it attack the bacteria but it also increases moisture in the skin. This can help reduce potential for scarring.

4. Reduce inflammation with Old Mans Weed. This will take away the swelling and soreness.

5. Apply a natural moisturiser such as Aloe Vera to keep your booty hydrated and smooth.

Cheeky has worked with an Italian Cosmetic Specialist to combine the above ingredients and more into a clay mask design specifically to treat booty acne and give you smooth, clear skin.